Broadway Live Productions
   Proudly Presents a Benefit Concert
              for the Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center

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"THE CONNCERT" is a musical performance featuring over 25 amazing, talented, and regional vocalists, accompanied by a 16-piece orchestra, singing familiar tunes from Broadway, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Big Band and more!


Performances will be held at Center for the Arts at The Woodstock Academy.
150 Route 169, Woodstock, CT

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Get to know about some of our talented performers!

Tim & Mackenzie Deary Press Release

Photo of Tim and Mackenzie Deary


Deary’s Aim to Retake the Stage with “The Prayer”

     Brother and sister, Tim and Mackenzie Deary, are heading back to the stage on April 7th and 8th for a reprisal of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s famous duet, “The Prayer” in Broadway Live’s upcoming show, ‘The Conncert’.

     Having performed in numerous Broadway Live musical productions over the past 18 years, Tim and Mackenzie are no strangers to the stage. Most recently Tim performed in “Broadway Live … 2015” where he sang “Run Freedom Run” amongst other hits. As a French Teacher at Pomfret School in Pomfret, Connecticut, he continues to use the stage as an outlet to express his love of culture, life and expression.

     Mackenzie Deary recently completed her Master’s degree in Public Policy at the University College London. She has been involved in musical theater since her debut as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol at the young age of 5. She is delighted at the opportunity to be back performing with some of the area’s most talented performers.

     “It is an honor to once again be performing “The Prayer” alongside my brother, Tim, because the song has such a deeply profound significance to the our entire Deary family,” stated Mackenzie. “It’s truly a beautiful song that gives me chills each time I hear it.”

     “We are thrilled that Tim and Mackenzie are appearing in this benefit concert for the YMCA”, stated David T. Panteleakos, Executive Producer. “They are both very talented and gifted performers; and the fact that they are bringing “The Prayer” back to the Broadway Live stage is a real treat.”

     Broadway Live’s: The Conncert, is a musical performance featuring over 30 amazingly talented regional vocalists, accompanied by a 16-piece orchestra, benefitting Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center. With regard to The YMCA’s credo based on family, health and social responsibility, The Conncert is a musical production centered around performances arranged and performed by local families and individuals.

Pontbriand Press Release

Photo of Brenda, Rachel and Sophia Pontbriand


Mother and Daughters Set to Rock Broadway Live

     Woodstock residents Brenda Pontbriand and her daughters, Rachel and Sophia, are set to perform at Broadway Live…“The Conncert” on April 7th and 8th at the Center for the Arts at The Woodstock Academy.The Conncert is a benefit show featuring 30 regional singers and a 16 piece orchestra performing music from Broadway, jazz, rock and roll, pop and classical genres.

     Brenda is a 17-year veteran of the Broadway Live stage, dating back to her first performance at Broadway Live…2001. The Pontbriands are one of six family groups slated to sing at the event along with many individual performers. Brenda and Sophia will be singing “Proud Mary,” a rock and roll classic made famous by Tina Turner. Rachel will be singing the song her mother performed 17 years ago at Broadway Live…2001: “Aquarius” from the Broadway musical “Hair”.

     “I am so beside myself and thrilled to be singing with my girls,” stated Brenda. “It really comes full circle; Sophia was in a baby carrier and Rachael was running up and down the aisles when I first performed at Broadway Live…2001.” Rachel added, “Seeing my Mom up on the Broadway Live stage growing up, I always wanted to be up there. I am now going to have the chance to be on stage with my Mom and sister, accomplishing one of my life's goals.”

     Broadway Live Executive Producer James Doran Kellaway first learned of Brenda’s talents through the glowing praise he always heard from other stage veterans. “I started working with Broadway Live just 7 years ago, and I was immediately impressed by the number of talented vocalists on this team who would point to Brenda as one of their favorite voices. Her talented reputation precedes her. She delivers. Her daughters deliver. You’ll definitely want to be in the theater for these numbers.”

     Brenda is an Advertising Executive for The Villager Newspapers, Rachel is a junior at Eastern Connecticut State University studying English, and Sophia is a junior at The Woodstock Academy, and a leading member of their singing group, “Ladies First.” Tickets now available at or at The Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center in Putnam, CT.

Silvia Press Release

Photo of the Silvia family


The Band that YMCAs Together, Plays Together

     Grow Your Own Band. It’s good advice. It’s also the name of one of the acts performing at The Conncert, Broadway Live’s latest production benefiting The Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center. The members of this troupe are the Silvia family, and they are delighted to be joining the efforts of this fundraising endeavor taking place at the Center for the Arts at Woodstock Academy on April 7th and 8th. Tickets can be purchased online at WWW.THECONNCERT.COM for $20 each, with all net proceeds going towards our local Y.

     You’ll see “family” as a theme woven throughout this celebration. It is something important to the beneficiary (the YMCA) and it is something important to the benefactors (sponsors and performers). The Silvia family exemplifies the excitement for both. This ensemble features Mike and Beth Silvia on vocals, banjo, and parenthood. Ranging between ages 18 and 28, daughter Elizabeth and sons Izaiah, Jacob, and Simon play multiple instruments including guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

     As a collective group they work around a wide array of musical genres, and they do this with a variety of different family arrangements. When they play together as a six-piece ensemble, they really find their groove. Their set list for the upcoming show includes: Elizabeth remixing a Britney Spears song for guitar, Beth’s rendition of “Find Your Grail” from the Broadway smash Spamalot, and a full-family, full-orchestra jam covering “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. The last number described as their “take-down-the-house” song.

     James Doran Kellaway, Executive Producer for The Conncert, said he first learned of the Silvia family talents when he and Beth worked together on a production of Spamalot. He remarks: “I heard Beth’s powerful vocals before, and she showcased classic talent. I just had no idea that musical skill is shared as strongly as love in her family.”

      The Silvia family’s excitement for this benefit concert comes from genuine appreciation for the YMCA organization. In addition to their four children listed above, Mike and Beth have three adopted children. Although everybody is much older and mature now, they can recall times when various YMCAs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut provided hubs of activity for a growing group. Beth remembers it warmly. “We used to go 3 times a week,” she said. “With 7 kids there’s not a lot you can always do as a family. The kids could swim, we would use the open gym, grab a meal together—we could do things all together, or we could do separate activities comfortably. I’m thrilled to be doing this event for the Y because we raised our family there. The YMCA is family.”

Mistress and Masters of Ceremony

Amanda Kelly

Marc Cerrone

Ronald Coderre

Performers: Families

The Bessette Family

Andre Bessette
Donna Bessette
Yvie Bessette

The Kellaways

James Doran Kellaway
Molly Kellaway

The Mercier Family

Alex Mercier
Carl Mercier
Colleen Mercier
Elena Mercier
Lilly Mercier

The Pontbriands

Brenda Pontbriand
Sophia Pontbriand
Rachel Pontbriand

Grow Your Own Band

Mike and Beth Silvia
Izaiah Silvia
Elizabeth Silvia
Simon Silvia
Jacob Silvia

The Dearys

Tim Deary
Mackenzie Deary

Performers: Individuals

Adam Landry
David T. Panteleakos
Donna LaHaie

Hannah Chubbuck
Jonathan Carpentier
Patrick McCarthy
Brooke Zahansky

Paul Lucenti
Ted Reynolds
Val Hauptman


Tickets can be purchased online through the Vendini website.
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(Physical tickets will be available for purchase at the Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center soon.)



"Cheering Wildly"

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"Whistles and Hollers"

"Whistles and Hollers (In-Kind Donation)"

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